Hi, I’m Sharon and I run Ignite jewellery. When I was a teenager, I met an old lady who had the most fabulous ring I had ever seen. It was a dark stone with flashes of gold and blues. Many years passed before I finally discovered that it was a black opal and then I became obsessed with these beautiful stones.
In 2016, it was approaching Christmas and I badly wanted a new opal ring. Realising that we really couldn’t afford one, my husband encouraged me to start learning how to cut my own. So that Christmas he brought me two parcels of rough uncut Australian opal and so it all began. (One of the two parcels below)

The following year I got technical and with the help of my father-in-law built my own cabbing machine. It has been very well used over the last 7 years and is still the backbone of my business.

Of course once you’ve learned how to cut stones, you need to do something with them, so in Oct 2019 I enrolled with Jewellery Training Solutions and started their fabulous 10 stage apprenticeship, I cannot recommend this company enough and Peter is a brilliant teacher. So my lockdown was spent working through my apprenticeship. Now I finally had the skills I needed to make this thing work.

Ignite Jewellery was set up in July 2020 and I made my first sale that August. It’s been a hard journey with lots of ups and downs. I have shed tears and had whoops of joy along this road, but I still love what I do and have the determination to keep going.
I strongly believe that if you work at something with determination and self discipline that you can achieve your goals!
Onwards and upwards. Much love. ❤️

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